Dapper Direct


Over 3 years of experience in urban & transporting fulfillment

Dapper Direct is an environmentally-friendly, on-demand fashion delivery service.

Catering to the young and affluent urban market, Dapper Direct provides a digital shopping experience that quickly and efficiently connects consumers with trusted apparel brands, emerging labels and other curated fashions. Conscious of our carbon footprint—a growing problem in today’s fast-tracked shipping world—Dapper Direct uses electric automobiles, trusted retail partners and a delivery algorithm to provide clients with fast, same-day service within a 5-mile radius. Now, with Dapper Direct, urban fashion is Wear-Ever You Go.


Arnold “Jettey” Botchway

Dapper Direct founder and CEO Arnold Adjetey “Jettey” Botchway aspired to build a fashion platform that catered to the young and affluent urban market.


Drawn to the sartorial world at an early age, Jettey found shortcomings in the fashion industry that didn’t quite fulfill the needs of his young, Black consumer niche. Combining the aesthetics of his West African roots along with the high-end urban streetwear culture, Jettey built a shopping experience that satisfies the tech-savvy and environmentally-conscious interests of this young, discerning demographic.